V Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science – Life & Cognition

23rd-24th April 2015 @ UNED, Madrid

The Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science (PBCS) aims at bringing together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds: philosophers, cognitive scientists and biologists, working on issues of common interest. In its fifth edition, the organizers would like to keep encouraging young researchers to participate in this fresh and distinctive forum.

The call is addressed to graduate, master, Ph.D. students, as well as Doctors who finished their dissertations during the last three years, working on the areas of Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science.

Topic: The research workshop will focus on the relationship between life and cognition. This tries to bring to light philosophical debates regarding (but not limited to): enactive approaches to biology and cognition, conceptions of life, philosophy of functions, cognition and adaptation, natural kinds, minimal requirements for either life or cognition, ecological approaches to psychology, systemic theories, biological basis of cognitive systems, etc…

Submissions: As of January 20th, the Call for Papers is completed. Applicants will receive an answer by 15th February, 2015. We thank all authors for their contributions.

Talks: Each talk will last no more than 30-35 minutes followed by a 10-15 minutes discussion.

Invited speakers: Glenda Satne (U. Wollongong & U. Alberto Hurtado) & Xabier Barandiaran (IAS Research – UPV/EHU)

Scientific committee: Mª J. Frápolli (UGR), Pepa Toribio (ICREA – LOGOS), Matteo Mossío (CNRS), Dave Ward (University of Edimburgh), Laura Nuño (KLI), & Manuel de Pinedo (UGR).
Organizing committee: Manuel Heras (UGR), Cristian Saborido (UNED) & Víctor M. Verdejo (UCL).
Local committee at UNED: Javier González de Prado, Susana Monsó, Marco A. Joven & Alex Díaz.

Contact: workshop.pbcs[at]

Supported and funded by: Department of Logic, History & Philosophy of Science at UNED; Project FFI-2012-35153, by the Spanish Ministry of Education; & Project FFI2011-23267, by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Auspices: Spanish Society for Logic, Methodology, History and Philosophy of Science


More information will be available soon at